Located eight kilometers south of Salamanca on the road to Béjar and Extremadura is the battlefield of The Arapiles, where the battle of Salamanca took place on July 22, 1812, certainly one of the most important and decisive battles of the Peninsula War (1808-1814).

Once there, you can get to the Arapiles, two hills that are not particularly high but that dominate the area and that became a key position during the course of the battle.

At the summit of the Greater Arapil, you will find a memorial to the battle. It was recently renovated by the Provincial Government of Salamanca, paying special attention to preserve its original characteristics and maintain harmony within the area. From there you will be able to contemplate all the key spots of the battlefield where the Allied Army, made up of British, Portuguese and Spanish troops and the Imperial Army moved and fought on the field on that remote day in 1812. There both Wellington and Marmont tried their tactical and leadership skills out.

To finish the tour, you can visit in the municipality of Arapiles an Interpretative Center about the feat of arms where the visitor will be able to watch an explanatory video of the battle, scale models about the development of the battle, a series of panels describing the different phases of the fighting, various dioramas about the battle formations used by the contenders and a series of objects from that time, some of them splendid reproductions and some others, those with higher emotive value, taken from the battlefield or its surroundings and given to this Center by private individuals.

You can also visit the chapel of Nuestra Señora de la Peña located near the village of Calvarrasa de Arriba where you will be able to enjoy a fantastic view of the whole battlefield.